We attract and identify candidates in a variety of ways including firstly consulting our own database, subscribing to the leading Job Sites where we advertise our available job opportunities and via referrals from satisfied candidates but who are in the market looking for new positions.

After screening the CV’s and having contacted the candidates via telephone or email we select the best candidates to represent at our clients.

The selected candidates are either invited to meet with the consultant at our office or have a detailed conversation over the telephone going through the below areas.

The candidate must bring along a copy of his/her ID, Company salary slip, proof of qualification and a driver’s license if applicable when they visit us at the office.

We discuss the below with the candidate once the client has decided to call them for an interview.
• Understanding of current skills and responsibilities;
• Expectation of new company and position;
• Detailed Salary breakdown and expectation;
• Reason why candidate is looking for a new opportunity;

After the interview we will conduct at least 2 reference checks. We will also request credit, criminal and qualification checks, where applicable.

Once a detailed CV has been compiled, the consultant will send the CV to the clients that we are representing.
We also does pro-active marketing and will contact companies that we know will be interested in the candidate’s skills.

After scheduling and confirming interview times, we will prepare the candidate for each interview by providing the following information:
• Date, time and address;
• Roadmap;
• Detailed position information;
• Detailed company information; and
• What to expect in the interview.

After each interview, we will follow-up with the candidate and company to determine how the interview went. We would focus on the following:
• Culture fit;
• Skills fit;
• General gut feel; and
• Salary expectation.
Feedback would also be provided to the candidate after follow-up with the manager/HR.

Once both the client and candidate are satisfied with the interview, We would provide guidance and get confirmation on what the next step will be, a second interview, psychometric testing, etc.
We will negotiate on behalf of the candidate regarding salary, benefits and any other important details. We also gain and provide answers to any questions that either party might still have.

We will help every candidate through the signing of the contract and resignation phase.
We understand that moving to a new company is stressful and have trained our consultants to help you deal successfully with the change.
We can provide sample resignation letters, information on fear of change and the one thing every candidate can expect – a counter offer.
We also try to organize socials or project meetings with the new company for you in your notice month so that you are as much prepared as possible.
As we have a 100 day guarantee period, we will contact you in the first 100 day, once a month to ascertain whether you are settling in and happy in your new position.
If there is anything bothering you and you do not know how to solve it, please contact us immediately.
We will try to help in any way possible as we usually know the company and managers well.
It is our desire to place every candidate represented by us at the exact right company and position.

• Resigning from any job, whether voluntary or forced, should be handled gracefully and with tact.
• Do not discuss your resignation with your colleagues before actually resigning.
• Write a professional resignation letter that is brief and to the point.
• Plan what you are going to say before handing in your resignation.
• Remember to not make any statements or express any opinions that you may regret at a later stage.
• Always remember that at some point this employer will have to act as a referee for you, so don’t burn any bridges.
• Always leave on good terms with your co-workers and supervisors.
• Even if you are invited to a “confidential” exit interview, there’s nothing to gain from bad-mouthing your current employer.
• Be sure to give proper notice to your current employer. Don’t just disappear!
• Do your best to wrap up all your major assignments and leave a detailed progress report for your supervisor/ successor.

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