We are experts in qualified, professional and skilled recruitment.
By truly understanding our candidates and clients, we help people and companies achieve lasting impact.
Our values aim to reflect this promise. Our values underpin our skills, behaviours and way of doing business.

We master the basics to achieve excellence. By mastering the basic skills in our respective roles we are able to achieve organizational excellence, helping to grow our company and giving us a competitive advantage.

about people and the work we do is supported by the wealth of knowledge and expertise we have acquired. This enables us in creating valuable relationships with everyone we work with and in providing a confident professional service to you.

We are known for being honest and trustworthy with strong principles. We believe in treating others how we would like to be treated ourselves and the only promises we make are the ones we can keep, giving our clients realistic opinions and honest feedback.

We care about our clients and the work we do and promise to deliver a world class customer service, giving our customers a positive experience of doing business with us. We are always committed to aligning our customer care to customer's corporate values.

We are about finding smarter ways of doing things and about continuously improving. It is essential engine of positive change, and information is its fuel. We are continuously adopting new technologies and ways of communicating and developing better processes. The feedback we receive from our candidates, clients and each other are essential to our learning process.

This ensures individuals themselves are happier, more motivated and therefore more productive by doing what's right for the company
What makes us special, unique and different...

• We are striving to be the next generation recruitment professionals, permeating happiness.
• We have moved away from transactional thinking and administration.
• Instead of focusing on the sales, we are focusing in process of our relationship, from the introduction to evaluation to creating partnerships.
• We do not just want to be good enough; we want to surprise you by giving you more than what you expect from us.
• We concentrate on your values and discuss issues and topics that you care about.
• We want you to make up your own mind based on facts.
• We strive to be proactive and use predictive models around historic data and projected organizational growth to determine talents.
• Our networks and online presence allows us to do research and search out candidates for current and future talent needs.
• Employee references are posted to our personal databases for employee reuse.
• We are working towards a system to measure recruitment success based on forecasting accuracy and employee impact on company goals instead of just using time taken to recruit.
• Employees and employers are encouraged to rate recruitment process, experience and job alignment at every possible opportunity.
Technological resources
The Business Process Management platform used, handles the exact requirements of the AWR as well as the general day to day processes. Using the most sophisticated digital interface for the recruitment industry, we ensure that a compliant operating platform is available to us and workers.
AWR is managed in a structured process and below are few examples of controls we have.
• Knowledge of how long a worker has been placed on the same assignment
• What contracts have been agreed with the end client
• What equal treatment the worker is entitled to
• Online Timesheets
• Digital signatures for T&C's and timesheets
• Automated messages to inform clients of new updates once certain periods of an assignment have been reached (digital contracts)
• Online portals for temps - making sure everyone can communicate as and when required

Financial resources
We work with partners who guarantee additional financial resources. We have in place a genuine 100% Funding & Back Office Facility ensuring all our funding as well as administration and payroll services are taken care of following strict standards and compliance.
This ensures that we are free to provide full support to our clients and workers and to enable us to concentrate on growing our business.

We have a facility in place to ensure all our back office functions are taken care of. The processes and execution of preparing and paying all temp wages are well documented and followed. We have no cash flow problems and have no limits to our growth.
Our Payroll processes which helps to ensure smooth running of our business, include but not limited to are processing time sheet, producing the payslip, posting out/publishing the payslip, paying our employees by Electric Funds Transfer, issuing P45’s for leavers, handling end of year P60/P35 returns, handling enquiries from employees, handling enquiries from the Inland Revenue, handling enquiries from the D.W.P. (Department for Work and Pensions), processing PAYE payments, processing LTD company payments, processing Self Employed payments.
Our sales ledger task include invoicing the client, producing a full daybook report, posting out monthly statements to the client, credit control the sales ledgers, covering all stationary costs.
Other vital processes in place, handles credit checking, supplying timesheets, invoicing, protection against bad debts etc.

Human resources
We manage human resources by recruiting the right people and monitoring and continuously improving their performance. We try and ensure staffs are being utilized in the best way so that targets are achieved. Our human resource needs change all the time and we try and be an effective organization and are aware that to meet changing business demands, our human resources (staff) will be quickly altered (increased or decreased).
We ensure that all of our staff is well informed and trained to carry out their duties effectively and in the best interests of employers and jobseekers. They follow strict guidelines ensuring operating ethically.
Physical resources
We are registered in England and Wales and largely an online recruitment organisation but we have facilities in place at various locations like the South East, London and other parts of UK for handling non-electronic stage of our processes, such as a face-to-face interview between an employer and candidate and any tests that the employer might set as part of the application process. We also use video calls over the internet, where needed.
Our partners we work with have offices in Manchester and London.
Our physical resources needed to carry out our activities are managed with security, backup and insurances in mind keeping them safe.

REC Member
The most valuable part of our REC membership is the assurance it provides our clients, candidates and staff that we live up to the highest standards of best practice in recruitment. We have in place, all the tools, help and support that are needed to live up to it. Adhering to standards is a key way of assuring our clients that we are doing things right and complying with the relevant legislation which helps to reduce business risk.
We comply with all relevant legislation, statutory & non-statutory requirements & official guidance. This means that we minimise your risks by ensuring the recruitment process is fully compliant with the industry regulations and the process is conducted in a fair and open competitive way.

Well informed and operate ethically
We ensure that all of our staff are informed and trained to carry out their duties effectively and in the best interests of employers and jobseekers. Working with knowledgeable consultants means that you will get valuable advice and feedback in every step of the way and you can rely upon their expertise.
We promote equal opportunities and diversity in the workplace. As an REC member we are committed to promoting diversity and this means that your company will receive the benefits of having a diverse workforce while at the same time complying with Government regulations. Our working practices, as defined by our industry trade body, safeguard against unlawful or unethical operations.
We deal with all parties openly, honestly and courteously at all times. We will respect your time and be open and transparent in all of our transactions with you, from the way the fees will work to which candidate is the best match for your company.
We show respect for safety, and not knowingly put candidates, clients or others at risk thus, minimising the risk to your company and corporate reputation.
We develop and maintain a high level of professional knowledge. Our consultants are kept up-to-date with industry development and information about your sector.
We abide by all relevant legislation and Home Office guidelines, providing all relevant information to clients and jobseekers. Working with us means that your corporate reputation is never at risk from non-compliant or scrupulous practices.
We ensure you receive clear and accurate information about our services from the outset, including written terms of business. As an REC member, we are transparent in our dealings with you, there will be no nasty surprises, everything is set out clearly from the word go.
We agree in advance the procedure to be adopted when submitting a jobseeker’s details. We are professional in the way we engage with you ensuring you are completely comfortable with the process we follow.
We treat all company information as confidential, and not to be disclosed to anyone beyond those involved in the recruitment process. We safeguard your brand and your reputation, your most valuable asset. We operate with the highest principles of integrity; your company is safe with us.

HMRC Accountancy / Payroll Compliant Software
The software we use makes our processes secure and reliable and helps us achieve the standards required for the recruitment industry including HMRC requirments.

Our AWR Advisor helps us to ensure that our business is compliant and that our clients, our internal staff and workers are up to speed with the new requirements.
The purpose of the Agency Workers Regulations is to give temporary agency workers the same basic pay and employment conditions as they would have been entitled to, had they been recruited directly by the hirer to do the same job. This entitlement will commence after the agency worker has completed 12 weeks of service with the same hirer